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Are you in need of a good real estate team to help you buy or sell your home? Lifestyle Homes of California can help you. We have been helping families with their real estate needs for more than 33 years. What started as a small Real Estate agency in Wasilla, Alaska grew into a multi-location Real Estate firm spanning across the United States. Our growth is fueled by our client’s satisfaction and trust in our business. We are a team of dedicated and seasoned Real Estate experts and our aim is to match our individual clients with the right real estate properties that meet their needs. Experience really does matter!

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Meghan Nyback

Fun fact: My name is actually Stephanie Meghan Nyback (which is what it shows on my license), but I have never gone by Stephanie. My parents named me Stephanie and then proceeded to call me Meghan from birth. Very frustrating when I introduce myself! Ha!

Real Estate is the only career I've ever truly pursued, and I know it's one of my greatest passions. I graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 2007 with a degree in Communications. At the time, I thought I'd be pursuing a career in the Non-Profit sector. I studied abroad in Ghana, West Africa, and throughout college, I was the Communication Intern at Direct Relief International, a non-profit that sent medical aid and supplies to disaster areas. But the economy was in a downturn at that point, and they couldn't offer me position that would pay enough for me to stay in Santa Barbara. Instead, I moved to San Diego and started attending SDCIA (San Diego Creative Investor Association) meetings and learning about investing and renovating homes.

I started a corporation with a partner in 2009, and then my own corporation in 2014. Both were used to purchase, renovate, and re-sell homes. I have done dozens of properties under those entities. I received my Brokers License in 2012, and mainly used the education to continue investing/flipping.

My most recent renovation was an 8,400 sq. ft. home that had only concrete and light framing completed when I purchased it. I finished the construction and made a very modern home with a movie theater, wine cellar, and gorgeous state-of-the-art kitchen. It was a huge renovation, and had a lot of hurdles with the city, inspections, contracting, etc. But I consider it a huge accomplishment that I completed it, and am now in escrow with a buyer on it.

I moved to Los Angeles after I got married in 2013. My husband is a musician and a contractor. He plays bass for pop artists and also builds home music studios for producers. We feel like we are the Chip and Joanna (Fixer Upper) of LA. Ha!

When I had my first son at the end of 2014, I decided I wanted to try a more stable position. It was stressful to think of waiting months to get paid as an investor when I had a family to feed. So I became a Property Manager/Leasing Consultant at a 300+ unit apartment complex here in the Los Angeles suburbs. It was a great learning experience about Fair Housing, Property Management, Multi-unit maintenance, etc. But while it was nice to get paid bi-weekly, and I was consistently a top salesperson in the company, the monotony was driving me crazy! When I went on maternity leave to have my second son at the end of 2017, I decided to join Keller Williams and become a full-time Associate Broker at their Northridge office, Keller Williams Central. It's been the perfect balance for my drive to succeed and support my family.

I believe I'm successful in sales because I can only sell what I believe in. Honesty and Empathy is key. I realize that these home transactions are some of the biggest decisions my clients will ever make in their life, and I don't take that lightly. It's an honor to be a part of the Kristan Cole Network because I can see that our values align in this way. I'm so excited to be here!